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Carol Leon is Associate Professor of English at the Department of English, Faculty of Art and Social Sciences, the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She teaches postcolonial theory and literature as well as travel writing at the university. Her research interests are diaspora, identity, notions of place and space and themes of belonging and home in contemporary literature.


Looi Siew Teip has been teaching English literature at the University of Malaya for the past 20 years.  He currently also teaches the guqin and has previously worked as a journalist and music critic in Singapore. Outside of his current professional interest in English poetry and medieval English, he also takes a keen interest in environmental issues and Taoist philosophy and practice.


Born in Leicester, UK, Sharon is now based in Kuala Lumpur and works as a freelance writer and teacher-trainer and runs a training company -Word Works Sdn Bhd. Her work has appeared in a number of Malaysian publications including The Star, Off the Edge, Kosmo, Mens’ Review, Quill, and Chrome magazine. She is also the editor of an anthology of short fiction, Collateral Damage, published by Silverfish Books and was one of the judges for the MPH Short Story Competition 2009. She organizes Readings, a monthly event for local writers, at Seksan Gallery in Bangsar. Readings from Readings: New Malaysian Writing which she co-edited with Bernice Chauly is a collection of short pieces from readers who read at the event. She has taught her creative writing courses in partnership with the British Council, MPH Bookstores, and also for the International Medical University and IKIM. She now teaches it in partnership with Learning Works.

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